About us

WaveWatersports specializes in watersports, outdoor activities, and recreational products. Our team is young, energetic, and always forward-thinking. We are dedicated to sharing our passion for an active outdoor lifestyle and our expertise through the online sale of a diverse range of products, including Paddle Boards (SUP Boards), Kayaks, Fun Tubes, Cool Boxes, life jackets, and various accessories.

But we are more than just a place to buy products. We are your go-to resource for tips and tricks to enhance your watersport adventures. Whether you're searching for the best locations to Paddle Board and Kayak or simply seeking a fantastic lake to swim in, we have you covered!

Our ultimate goal is to introduce as many people as possible to the joys of watersports and the Outdoors. Our passion for watersports began at a young age, with some of our team members inspired by their trips to Australia and New Zealand. It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from; if you share a love for watersports and outdoors, you've found your home at WaveWatersports.

Explore our extensive range of products, and you might just discover something that adds more excitement to your new Adventure. Trust is a cornerstone of our business, which is why we make an effort to maintain open communication with our customers, and we regularly conduct customer satisfaction surveys.

At WaveWatersports, we stand for:

  1. Watersports and the Great Outdoors.
  2. Quality products offered at highly competitive prices.
  3. Swift product delivery to your doorstep.
  4. A commitment to trust and transparency.
  5. Valuable tips and tricks to enhance your outdoor adventures.

For more information and insights, be sure to check out our informative blogs.

We also recognize the importance of our natural environment. That's why, with every order you place, we proudly donate 10% to the WWF (World Wildlife Fund).

Let's stand together for a better world and continue to enjoy the beauty of nature through watersports.

 Our Team

      Bart Gelsing                                      Chase 
      Co - Founder                                     Co -Founder 




                                           Ben & Buddy
                                     Chief Happiness Officers