What are the best lakes in Arizona?
The most popular lakes in Arizona are: Lake Mead, Theodore Roosevelt Lake, Canyon Lake, Lynx Lake, Lake Powell.

Arizona's lakes are some of the most unique places to visit across the entire state. Arizona has it all whether you want to go boating, Paddle Boarding, swimming, fishing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, and kayaking. Some of the best lakes in Arizona are located very central, so getting to them is easy and quick, which makes it people easier to travel to since it can be very hot during summer. 
Arizona lakes have great facilities, you will find campgrounds; and even in the most remote locations you will find great facilities.

Because of the the damming of the rivers, there are plenty of amazing lakes born in Arizona including the mighty Colorado, which created Lake Mead, and Lake Havasu and Lake Mohave. Lake Theodore Roosevelt, Apache Lake, and Canyon Lake was created by The damming of the Salt River.

Beneath you find some nice places to enjoy your watersport, we created an list with the best lakes in Arizona where you can spend a day or more on the water.

Note: Some lakes may be temporarily closed due to recent global health and safety issues.

1. Lake Mead.

Lake Mead, this could be the most well known and most famous lake of Arizona. Not only for locals but lots of tourists will be visiting this lake. As you can see it looks like its in the middle of the dessert which makes it very unique. The water is very clear and it has lots of life in and around it. Its a pleasant lake in Arizona to explore and has loads of experiences to explore. This must be on your bucketlist when driving or living in Arizona or Las Vegas. 

Lake Mead is 247 square miles in size and holds roughly three trillion gallons of water. Go for a swim but certainly try to explore it with a powerboat, sailboat, houseboat, stand up paddleboard, or even a funtube. Even scuba diving is possible and very popular, Lake Mead is known for interesting geological structures, spectacular scuba dives, and even the wreck of a B-52 Bomber plane.

Approximately 30 miles southeast of Las Vegas it is easily accessible from nearby Las Vegas, the northern shore of Lake Mead is in Nevada, and the southern shore is in Arizona, but all of it falls within the Lake Mead National Recreation Area

It is also possbile to co camping near Lake Mead, go to Temple Bar Marina or Wander with a boat. Put up your tent and sleep like a baby, hearing the water almost touching your tent. Wake up with a beautiful sunset, and you will have the best experience in Lake Mead.  


2. Theodore Roosevelt Lake 

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This lake with an impressive looking bridge is named after the former president Theodoore Roosevelt, it is the state’s largest lake, with a surface area of over 8,600 hectares and a 205 kilometre shoreline.
It is also located in and around the dessert, the lake is a popular destination for paddle boarders, swimmers and boaters. It doens' t really matter what kind of watersport your lookinf for, it is all there! Next to that there are several different campgrounds, and RV parks along its southern shore. 
Cholla Bay and Bachelor Cove are popular places to visit, and if your looking for some remote experience go to the north shore of the lake, youll find lots of nature but don' t be mad of your not having any internet connection.
Theodore Roosevelt Lake is known for its fish, with a variety of lake life there are plenty fishes to catch, for instance, carp en sunfish. You also may find the Willow Flycatcher which is listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act. You will find a marina where you can rent a boat and paddle boards and rent Kayaks. This Marina also offers camping facilities. Be one with nature and explore a great lake with much live in and on the water!


3. Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake was created in 1925 with the damming of the Salt River.
It is the smallest lake along the Superstition Mountains. 
Even tho it is the smallest lake, this does not mean that it is'nt beautiful, it has incredible scenery. 
Recreation amenities include hiking trails, camping, and boating, all managed by the United States Forest Service. 
Canyon Lake Marina & Campground rents watercraft and equipment — everything from canoes, kayaks and water skis. Next to that you can go to the beach, cruising the clear waters and you can even go scuba diving. There are lots of fishing possibilities,
All this amazing scenery is less than a 45-minute drive from downtown Phoenix, making it a popular spot in the summer! Enjoy a vacation with family in Arizona. Or a day out in Arizona on this beautiful Canyon Lake in Arizona. Wanna go skiing? At Waterski Arizona you can! They can help you further, great people with excellent customer service. 
Most weekends, the lake generally reaches capacity mid to early morning, so please come on time to avoid traffic and busy frustations situations. But the most important thing here is that you will have a great time in Arizona!
4. Lake Powell

Lake Powell is located in northern Arizona and stretches up into southern Utah. It almost hass  2,000 miles of shoreline. Is known for his great water combined with a sunny weather, and some of the most spectacular scenery in the west.  Lake Powell is an immense reservoir created by the construction of the Glen Canyon Dam. The dam and teal lake are in the northwest of the Navajo Reservation. 

Explore Lake Powell especially from the water. Lake tours are offered from Wahweap Marina and Antelope Point Marina. You can book them online in advance. Those from the Antelope Point Marina are often slightly more favorably priced. Some boat tours take you to nearby attractions, such as the Rainbow Bridge. For the real landlubbers there are walking routes along the coast. The Glen Canyon Dam itself is also worth a visit. The 457 meter high dam is located near Page. For information, exhibitions and tours, visit the Carl Hayden Visitor Center. 

Lake Powell has a lot of waterport recreation, you can go for a fun scenic lake cruise or go for an activity such as skiing, paddle boarding, wakeboarding, canoein or just rent a boat and go for your own trip. Another unique experience in lake Powell is the massive bridge for over 70 meters long, it is one of the largest natural bridges in the world! There are some campgrounds at Lake Powell so don't hesitate to book your trip, for instance at Under Canvas. Lake powell has everything you need for a nice day trip or weekend trip. 

At 71 meters long, the Rainbow Bridge is one of the largest natural bridges in the world. The bridge can be reached via a two-hour boat trip across Lake Powell. 


5. Lynx Lake 

If we think about Lynx Lake, we think about boating, fishing, camping, hiking and tranquil solitude. Lynx Lake is a relatively small lake, yet it draws over 125,000 visitors annually who are trying to escape the dessert heat in Arizona. Swimming in the lake is prohibited, but oufcourse if your smart you will find a way, just jump in the water nobody cares. Access to the lake has been provided for the physically

There are several campgrounds around Lynx Lake.
Lynx Campground: Located West of the Lake with 39 sites
Hiltop Campground: Located a quarter mile South of the lake with 38 sites. All campgrounds have drinking water and toilets.